Dear Fellow NA Member,

The Bridge is an outreach effort available to supplement your local resources for addicts who are unable to get to face-to-face meetings due to hospitalization, being home-bound for health reasons, geographical distance from NA meetings, shift work, or any other reasons. Our group was created to fill this particular niche - not to replace face-to-face meetings, since nothing can replace the magic of the Narcotics Anonymous fellowship on such a personal level - but to reach those who are not able to get to meetings. We are working to ensure that no one needs to be isolated from the message of Narcotics Anonymous, and our meetings are a step toward that goal.

In December of 2008, someone in Pennsylvania and someone in Virginia heard through the grapevine about a guy in Florida who had been hospitalized for months with almost no NA contact, and no access to NA meetings. They began to carry a meeting to him using a conference call service on Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern time. When he was released from the hospital months later, they decided to band together to continue to effort, enlisting other impassioned addicts from all over with a vision to make meetings available to others who may find themselves isolated from NA.

Since that time, the Bridge home group was formed, more meetings were added and registered with World Services, and we are now offering 7 meetings a week on this same phone number (605) 475-6720, 387870#) to addicts in need. All it requires is a phone and the ability to dial long distance. Due to the prohibitively high cost of toll-free numbers, and limited 7th tradition funds, we have not been able to offer a toll-free option.