We have had group members from all over the United States, as well as from the Caribbean and Canada. We have successfully carried the message to Korea, Germany, Norway, and Australia. We were able to link to the World Unity Day in Barcelona. Our payoff was the amazing experience of hearing the excitement in the voices of our hospitalized, homebound, and isolated addicts as they were connected to our worldwide fellowship by a phone line.

We are hoping you will share this information, and keep it handy, in case you hear of someone in Narcotics Anonymous who is isolated from NA meetings for any reason. It may be a Mom or Dad at home with a new baby, a long distance trucker who works on tight deadlines, a shift worker who can’t make regular meeting times, someone who is going into the hospital for surgery who won’t be home for weeks, someone who is home-bound due to personal illness or a family member’s illness, someone in hospice. We are truly committed. We want to know about their problem and how we can help!